General Information

There are endless possibilities when it comes to cake designs. The only limitations are your imagination and your budget! When considering your cake design, its always best to read and take into account the pricing information in the sections below. We are always here to help if you need more information or want some advice.

Every custom made cake is different, hence so is the price. The ingredients and the work required to make and decorate each custom made cake will vary the price. Our custom made cakes start from $135.

Custom cakes are not "cheap" cakes. They are the high/elite end of the cake market because of the skill, premium ingredients and extensive labour that goes into making them look and taste amazing.

Please understand that these cakes are never "just whipped up" or ever "quick", or “simple" to make! And, please also understand that we too deserve to be paid for our hourly labour while we work on creating your cake, just like any other job. 

We regularly compare our prices with other professional/registered cake businesses/artists across Australia to ensure that our prices remain fair, reasonable, and competitive. We use only premium quality ingredients and put a lot of effort into making sure our cakes taste and look amazing. Therefore, as a professional cake decorating business, we are very satisfied that we charge appropriate and realistic prices for our outstanding premium quality products. 



Starting/base prices

Premium flavours & Gluten free

Premium flavours & Gluten free


Our single tier custom cakes start from $135 

This is for pick-up of a 6" round, standard 4" height, basic flavour cake (14 dessert/28 coffee size portions), covered with chocolate ganache, with minimal/basic decorations (as pictured above - sugar cookie additional).

This price will increase with premium flavours, larger cake size, additional design items and delivery (if chosen).

Premium flavours & Gluten free

Premium flavours & Gluten free

Premium flavours & Gluten free


Premium flavor cakes and gluten free cakes also incur additional costs. These  will be priced individually at the current market cost and will be added to the price quoted. 

* We do not offer egg free, dairy free and/or vegan cakes

Design items

Premium flavours & Gluten free

Carved & custom shape cakes


Design: Every design item/decoration/figurine added to your cake (and which make them look so amazing) all incur additional ingredient costs and great amounts of labour on our part. Hence, all additional design items on your cake will be priced individually and will be added to the price. This includes but is not limited to:  

-chocolates/sweets/meringue kisses: 

-sugar cookies/macarons; 

-acrylic/wood toppers; 

-sugar paste figurines; -stenciled/painted/handmolded cake patterns; 

-flowers (fresh or sugar); 

-decorated/fancy cake boards;

-fabric ribbons.

We ask that you take this into consideration when choosing/planning a cake design suited to your budget.  The bigger and more elaborate the cake you choose, the higher the price will be.

Carved & custom shape cakes

Carved & custom shape cakes

Carved & custom shape cakes


Sculpted shaped cakes (such as cars, trucks, animals, bottles, wine barrels, etc.) incur much more cake usage/waste in the sculpting process and require much more time and attention to detail to complete. Hence, these cakes are the highest cost end of the custom made cake market. These cakes are priced according to the artistic labor and degree of difficulty involved and, as such, despite the finished serving size, these cakes may still cost as a guide from $350 – $500+ 

Tiered and taller cakes

Carved & custom shape cakes

Tiered and taller cakes


The standard height of all of our cakes/tiers is 4-5 inches (see bottom tier immediately above).

Taller cake/tier heights are available as follows:

- Extended height  (6 layers tall) (as per the top tier above)

- Double Barrel  (8 layers tall)

- Custom height (9 layers +)

These taller than standard height cakes naturally cost more to produce in ingredients and labour. Hence, these costs will be added to the price quoted. 

Please note:

Extra support structures are required to prevent all tiered/taller height cakes from toppling and/or squashing. Naturally this costs extra to supply and requires additional labour. 

Therefore, tiered/tall cakes are an additional $15 for each tier (or 4 layers) added.

Cake Toppers

Carved & custom shape cakes

Tiered and taller cakes


We can custom make almost any sugarpaste cake topper for you to collect and put on your own cakes or to use on our cakes. 1-2 weeks notice is required for most handmade toppers.

Due to the labour and ingredients involved, handmade topper figurines  (people, animals, cars, etc.) start from $30 each. Detailed/complex toppers start from $75.


Other toppers: The retail purchase price and postage costs of acrylic or wood toppers sourced by us for your cake (if requested by you), will be added to the price of your cake order. 

Cake & portion size

Cake & portion size

Cake & portion size


The size of the cake baked for your order will be determined by the number of guests you need to serve, and the portion size that you intend on serving them. 


Serves per cake size (round cake):

  6” = 14 dessert or 28 coffee

7” = 20 dessert or 40 coffee

8” = 26 dessert or 52 coffee

9” = 30 dessert or 60 coffee

10” = 38 dessert or 76 coffee

11” = 42 dessert or 84 coffee

12” = 56 dessert or 112 coffee 


*There is no one universal 'standard' cake serve guide available. Hence every cake artist may use a different chart. 

*The maximum number of serves which can be obtained from a cake will depend on the size of each portion that is cut (i.e. correct cutting). 

Portion sizes

 Custom cake portion sizes may sound like small serves, but custom cakes are very decadent and luxurious, so these serves are usually plenty. 

Coffee/finger portions: are 1" x 1" x 4" (2.5cm x 2.5cm x 10cm) sized portions/per guest. If you are serving sufficient other food and/or dessert, then this size serve is recommended and will reduce your costs.

Dessert portions: are 2" x 1" x 4" (5cm x 2.5cm x 10cm). These are typically used if your cake is your only dessert. If you opt for dessert portions, you will double the amount of cake that you need and hence increase the cost of your cake. However, you may still save money overall by not having to supply other desserts. 


Cake & portion size

Cake & portion size


Our cupcakes are industry standard size (approximately 50mm at the base & 35mm wall). Other sizes may be available with ample notice and when minimum order requirements are met (see below).


- from $3.50 each for a basic flavour topped with simple decorations (i.e. one colour/flavor buttercream swirl and cachous) in a standard white/metallic foil pan. 

- from $4.50 each topped with multiple buttercream designs or commercial chocolate decorations (rocky road, malteasers  etc)

- from $5.50 each for higher range flavours, decorations or handmade/handpainted toppers (as pictured above)

- from $9.00 each for complex toppers (e.g. babies,  animal faces or angels)

Fancy cupcake pans also incur additional charges.

Minimum orders:

- 4 dozen (48) cupcakes without a corresponding cake order (all must be of the same flavor and design).

- 1 dozen (12 cupcakes) with a corresponding cake order (again all must be of the same flavor and design).


Cake & portion size



Delivery fees are charged at 75c per klm for the entire round trip from our premises to your delivery location and back.